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Monday, 10 August 2015

Busy Days, and Lots of Friends!

Finally! A few moments to update you on the last couple of insane days in the life of Me!

Friday. After a nice walk around the big block with Mum, I kept myself largely out of the way while loads of strange things were going on here in Mik and Sue's house. Lots of people arrived, lots of stuff went on in the kitchen and elsewhere. Lots of to-ing and fro-ing......

Mid-afternoon, we all got into various cars and went to a reeeeeaalllly old building with stone floors and high celings and long wooden seats. We found Ryan there, and some new humans that I've never met before. There was lots of talkystuff going on, as well as a big noise box - one with two rows of black and white teeth! I just had a bit of a sniff around as best I could with Mum holding the other end of my lead. There wasn't much of interest to sniff at though. Mum and Debbi put some colourful things on the ends of some of the wooden seats and then we left. We went back to Mik and Sue's house for a while. I had my dinner and Mum disappeared into the kitchen again to squish a big blob of white stuff to make it into a big sheet of white stuff, which she then used to cover a big round thing she called a cake. I watched closely in the hope that she might be her usual messy self in the kitchen and so give me some hoovering duty. She failed! I think Debbi and Rosie were doing too well at helping her and thus preventing my potential feast.

Next came another trip out - this time to a human yummies place where loads of humans ate at a long table. Debbi was in the middle of this but Ryan wasn't there. I got a bowl of water which I successfully sloshed very well across the floor! I was quite proud of my little lake! Heehee! Then it was back again to Mik and Sue's with everybody coming too. It's a good job Mik and Sue's house is quite big! There was loads going on: Mum and Debbi were in the kitchen again doing more of the white-blob-into-white-sheet-and-onto-cake thing, followed by stacking up the now white cakes, and then sticking loads of coloured things into it. Meanwhile, Rosie was in the lounge stroking everybody's claws with smelly coloured stuff. I got out of the way of that and went to bed! I really didn't fancy pink or purple claws! Eventually, most of the people left and Mum and Dad came to join me in bed. Debbi and Rosie were in the other bedroom.

Saturday - OH MY GOODNESS! It started at ridiculous-o'clock in the morning and continued aaaaaalllllll day! The house filled up with people again, and there seemed to be tons going on, including all the girlie humans getting their headfur stroked and twizzled and sprayed, and their faces stroked with various things that left them with different coloured eye areas. Once again, I decided that the best place for me was my bed upstairs!

After a while, and yet more arrivals, there was an upsurge in activity and Mum called me to go out. Everybody was dressed in very posh fur-substitutes. Mum, Rosie and the other girlie humans were all wearing long floaty-flowy things in various colours, the boy humans were wearing very smart things called suits, with strange strips of coloured fabric around their necks. Mum put a new colourful collar and a bandana on me. Then Debbi appeared wearing a very long, shiny, sparkly white fur-substitute. There was a bit of it trailing behind her on the floor. I wasn't allowed to sit on that! It did look rather inviting though.

We all went outside and got into various cars with long colourful shiny strips of flappy stuff tied on the front and loopy bits on the door handles. These cars took us all to the same stone building as yesterday. When I guided Mum inside, we found lots of people already there seated on the wooden benches and all dressed in smart fur-substitutes. I had to guide Mum right to the front to a chair. We discovered Granny there too - sitting in a wheelieseat! That was a lovely surprise!

After a few minutes, the two-rows-of-teeth-noise-box started howling and then all the pretty girlie humans and a smart boy human came in, followed soon after by Debbi and Dad. Ryan was at the front wearing an uber smart set of fur-substitutes: black legs, big black shiny pawcovers and a bright red coat with shiny disks on it and a white collar-type-thing around his middle. He also had a huge black furry thing which he later had on his head! My harness had coloured flowers on it too!

Debbi and Ryan stood together at the front, along with a lady wearing long flowing white fur-substitutes. There was a lot of talky stuff between them and a bit of human howling from everybody, with the big loud noise box yelling out too. I just laid down and enjoyed a snooze on the nice cold stone floor. After a while, everybody filed outside and there was loads of one-eyed-clickybox stuff going on, as well as funny fluttery little flakes being thrown at Debbi and Ryan.

We then all walked down the road, got on a really old bus with no lid and rode to another big building. Along the way, lots of people shouted and cheered and waggled their paws towards us. When we arrived, everybody stood outside on the greenstuff. Debbi and Ryan were in the middle of a line of all the smart and pretty people. There was a little basket on a table and I could smell something strange inside it. Mum did a little bit of talkystuff, then another lady and a man opened the basket and got out a pair of white featherballs, gave one each to Debbi and Ryan to hold for a few moments before throwing them up into the air. They flapped and circled and then flew away.

The big building had lots of tables and chairs and pretty things inside - and LOADS of yummies all laid out along a long long table.

Basically the rest of the day was spent watching all the humans eating all the yummies, going outside for lots of one-eyed-clickybox stuff, and just lying around in the hope of a bit of hoovering duty. I did manage to keep the floor quite clean! It was a chore but I did my best!

There was lots of that human howling and other noisebox stuff going on from the stage and lots of talkystuff all around. Outside, there was a big noisy cushion with walls that the humans got on to jump around. I jumped up too but didn't like the way it wobbled underneath me so I quickly jumped off again! There was also a selection of strange bent sticks stuck in the ground and some wonderful big hard balls to play with. The humans did it all wrong: They used some strange sticks with lumps on the ends to hit the balls through the bent sticks. I showed them a much easier way to transport the balls around! They were a bit big and heavy in my mouth but it was still much more efficient than hitting them!

After all the fun, food and noise, Debbi and Ryan left to go on someting they called a honeymoon. I thought they just went in a car! Then, after a little more fun and frivolity, it was time for some serious hoovering! Mum, along with some others, cleared everything away. That gave me good access to all the crumbs on the floor! I think I did a good job!

Eventually, we made it to bed. Mum says the tickydisk said 2am!

Today has been a blissfully quiet day in comparison. I have to admit that I was not keen on getting up this morning, but I'm glad I made the effort. We went to Jubilee church! That meant a reunion with lots of humans I haven't seen for ages! It was great - looooooaads of fusses! Yayy! The rest of the day has been deliciously lazy until this evening, when we went to visit Nanny and Papa. We didn't stay long but I did get to enjoy a lovely roll around in their garden.

The day was rounded off with a very welcome but perhaps slightly less exuberant than usual freerun in Buckingham Park. I am shattered! But perhaps not as shattered as Mum and Dad!

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