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Thursday, 13 August 2015


Today seems to have been a soggy day - in more ways that one:
I took Dad for a walk to get human breakfast yummies first thing. That made the floor soggy below where I sat while they ate it all!
I then took Mum for a walk to the market and we got soggy on the way back.
The sky has been leaking for most of the day -so everything outside is now soggy.
Mum's eyes have been leaking while she has been clicketyfingersing. (something to do with typing a transcription of the talkystuff from the day we said goodbye to Grandpa)
Dad has been using a shiny twistyspike thing to fix the warm-rain-box - that involves sogginess
Now my mouth is making the floor soggy again - I blame Mum entirely for making yummy smells in the kitchen - she is doing that choppy-slicy-stirry-sizzly stuff!

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