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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Heavy Eyes....

Hmmm! It's a good job I burned off all my energy yesterday. Today has been largely spent in the car and lying around.

We set off this morning on the big fast zoomway to Bournemouth. I got a very quick chance to stretch my legs and empty my tanks in the park by the golfcourse before we went into the seniorhumansvetkennel place to visit Granny. She was in bed and I was worried about her. I squeaked until Mum let me hup my front paws onto the bedside to check her out. I gave her front paw a big kiss and then a nuzzle on her front leg kind of reassured me a bit and it made the corners of her mouth go up a tiny bit. Then I laid down for a snooze while Granny did a whole load of mumblygrumbling. Mum and Dad were leaning in close to her trying to hear and understand her yacketying but I don't think they succeeded with much of it.

After a while, Granny's eyelids got heavy and so we left her to snooze and I took Mum and Dad on a nice long workywalkies to find a human yummyery for them. Then, of course, I had to do more lying down under the table. Apparently I did a good job of staying nicely under the table - at the end, when Dad was doing his thing with that funny little plastic rectangle and the button-box that he feeds it into, the man who brought the buttonbox jumped when I nudged his knee! He didn't know I was there! I didn't mean to scare him. I was only having a stretch to get ready for Mum to harness me up again! It got me a nice eartickle though. Heehee!

We went back again to visit Granny again and so, more lying down for me. I was quite happy with that after the long workywalkies back.

After a while, Granny's eyes got heavy again, so it was time for us to leave. That gave me the opportunity to persuade Mum that I really needed a bit of a run around in the park again! Well.....I did need a download! I got to have a bit of a sniff around to catch up on all the latest weemails, and had a brief play with a chocolate lab called Max.

We then went to Granny's flat, where I got my dinner while Mum and Dad sorted out a few of the things that were lying on the floor inside the door when we arrived. Then it was back into the car for the ride back to Papa's again.

Dad dropped Mum and me off at the huge Tesco's though, so I had to guide Mum around in there before workywalkiesing her in the dark back across the megazoomybusy road at the crossing, then along the pavements to Papa's home. Now I have just completed the task of warming up Papa's bed for him (he told me to - I wasn't being naughty!). Now, having been evicted from there because Papa wants it all to himself now, so it is time to warm Mum's bed up! It's a tough life!

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