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Friday, 9 September 2016

I Thought We'd Finished with MegaWalking......

Mega-mega-workywalkies today! It went on and on and on - aaaaaaaaalllll along busy roads (of course I kept Mum safely on the pavements!). Four miles of it with the hotball in the sky making my tongue hang out. We finished at the Guide Dogs big house place. Mum says it is called the headquarters of the Reading Mobility Team. I called it miffing! There were doggy pals there - I saw several of them - but I didn't get to play with any of them! Huffff! They were going in and out with various Guide Dog Mobility Instructors (aka OMOEs - Obey Me Or Else). I was with Mum and Dad and a nice lady called Maxine and all I could do was squeak to them from the inside of the see-through wall. Actually, maybe it was a bit too hot to play anyway, and maybe I was just a bit pooped from that big long workywalkies.

Nice Maxine brought me a lovely bowl of cold water. I was making a good job of sloshing it all over the carpet but she spoilt my fun by getting a big towel and putting it underneath the bowl. I left it then and settled down for a little snooze while the humans did their inevitable yackety-yacking.

Mum gave a white floppy rectangle to Maxine. Inside that were some other floppy rectangles with squiggles on them. Apparently they were given by people instead of flowers at Nanny's funeral and that will add to our Name A Puppy fund. Mum says that means we are now less than £400 from our total of our second £5,000 so we hope to achieve that very soon and name a Guide Dog Puppy in Nanny's memory. If you would like to help us reach the target, then please click on the link below:
Guide Dog Oakley: Photo to of Mum and me outside the Guide Dogs Reading Mobility Team HQ, Winnersh Triangle, Reading, Berkshire.
Photo to of Mum and me outside the Guide Dogs Reading Mobility Team HQ

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