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Saturday, 17 September 2016


Rude! Very rude awakening!

Dad was doing sizzly stuff in the kitchen. I was enjoying a lovely cuddle snooze with Mum in bed (shhhh....don't tell!). All of a sudden I jumped right out of my fur! The little round thing on the ceiling started megableeping! It was nasty! Mum tried to tell me it was all right, nothing to worry about, but I wasn't hanging around to find out! I hid in the safest place I know - the warmrainbox!
Dad waved his paw at it a couple of times and it shut up, then he carried on sizzling. I didn't even get any sausage or bacon to reassure me either!

Things got better after that when I got to take Mum on a nice long workywalkies to Morrison's. I don't think she was entirely impressed with my efforts to read and send weemails all along the towpath route. There are soooooo many trees and bushes that really do demand urgent communications but I had to ignore most of them and 'Head up. Do your job'. Once we got onto the street bit of the route I registered my protest with a ploddypaws demonstration. I didn't keep it up once we got to Morrisons though. I thought I should relent a bit and be nice to Mum. After all, there was always the hope of a carrot...... but Nope! Not a morsel!

Mum's command of 'Find the way out' did not exactly fill me with enthusiasm. I didn't want to just go straight back. I was, therefore, perhaps just a tad more enthusiastic at the next command: 'Lets go find Pets at Home'. Well, that is much more exciting! Head up. Nose forward and vvvvvrrrrrooooommmmm!

'Steady' seemed to be a predominant command after that! Well, I thought I had best make up for the plodding earlier!

I think I must have averaged out to a good day's work overall - I got a new toy!

Photo of me with my new pink fluffy grunting pig with a tuft of ginger headfur. I am looking slightly cheekily sideways towards the shot.

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