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Tuesday, 13 September 2016


Woohooo! I like this mooring! It comes with doggypals today! We have new neighbours moored behind us: a pair of collies who are great fun to play with - oh and their humans too!
I also got to enjoy a lovely freerun this morning all around the nature reserve beside us. Mum was a bit mean though - she wouldn't let me go into the giant puddle in the middle. There were quacky featherballs in there that I really wanted to go play with but I wasn't allowed. Huff!
I managed to make up for it a bit later though when Dad let me off my megalong lead (a yellow one that is longer than the boat. Mum tethers me to it sometimes so that I can chill out on the towpath without 'getting into mischief' - I don't know what she means by that........). Dad released me to play with the collies. Well..... I DID play with the collies. It was great fun! Then I just slipped off to investigate the river..... it was lovely and cool in there! Heeeheee!

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