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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Eating Bones leads to Bigger Dinners.......

Bone Bum.

That's what Mum says I've suffered from today.

Mum also says that she ought to buy shares in the poobag company after picking up so many bagful of concrete conkers.

I'm not aware that I have been suffering from anything. I've simply worked hard doing workywalkies over many miles of towpath, doing nine locks and three swing bridges with Mum, then another wotkywalkies this evening through part of Newbury. Now we are at Granny's flat after a long car ride.

Mum says that I must've shed several kilos today with all the bone bum downloads. Now, last time I lost kilos I started getting bigger dinners. So.....eating bones leads to lots of downloads.......lots of downloads leads to losing kilos......losing kilos leads to bigger dinners.......I think I should eat lots more bones!

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