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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Bone Torture

Yummy workywalkies and a soggy freerun on Greenham Common. Happy day!
I took Mum workywalkies into town this morning. It seems my nose led us to exactly the right place. It was a day when all the flappy-walled shoppythings are in the town centre. The yummiest smelling one was at the end. It didn't have flappy walls though. It was a big white box on wheels, with a high-up counter. I was a bit miffed because that counter was far too high for me to reach it. My nose just pointed straight up at it and all I could do was dream of all the deliciousness up there. Mum asked for things like steak, chicken, lamb, sausages.......ooooooooh! It was torture! When the lady handed down a bag full of all those delights, I tried very hard to offer my services to help Mum carry it all. She was mean though. She just me to 'sit' and get my shnozzle out of it. Then she zipped it away in her backpack bag. Huffffff!
Next stop brought further hope: it was the shop with the red and white striped flappy bits outside and similar tantalising smells from within. It was torment sitting waiting in the queue. In there, Mum got the sausages and mince that she couldn't get from the high-up-box. That too got all-too-quickly zipped into that backpack. But then hope returned: Mum asked for a bone. The red and white striped man said 'yes' and even asked 'how big?'
'The biggest you've got please' was Mum's reply! She does love me! Yayyyyy! That bone didn't get zipped away. I was able to keep it under close scrutiny all the way home! Mum just carried it in its bag, in her right paw.
On on the way back, we came across two blue manhumans. Well, they were wearing blue fur-substitutes on their top bits. Mum stopped to yacketyyack with them. I got mega fusses from them - and yummies too! (With Mum's permission first). This yacketyyacking went on for like forever........ I did manage to snaffle a few super fusses from passers by though. That made it OK. It would've been even OK-er if Mum had put that bag down, but she failed to recognise the potential benefit of such an action.
This afternoon, we went out in the car. I thought it was going to be boring, but I was wrong. We pulled into a carpark that made me squeak! My favouritest place in the whole of Newbury! That enormous freerun paradise; Greenham Common! Yippppppeeeeeeee! I really didn't care a poop that the sky was leaking! it was a fabbydabbydoozee afternoon!
I was was a tad soggy afterwards but the lady in Lidl's seemed to think it was cute when I used her leg to dry my face a bit! Heehee!
i think Mum has hidden my bone in that white cupboard with a light inside. She says I can have it tomorrow. So......sofa now.......sleep......then tomorrow will come sooner.....right?

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