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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Boil Me Bus....

The Chase. That's what Mum said we were going to. Well, there wasn't the slightest hint of any chasing going on! I think it should have been called The Lie Down and Snooze! That was what I did anyway. And rather a welcome snooze too. It was nice and cool in there, and I was very hot and pooped after working my paws off guiding Mum there. I did sit up a few times to peer between the heads of the people in front of us. (We were sat right at the very back so I had room to stretch out). All the humans in the rows of seats had lots of bursts of banging their paws together, so I thought maybe something exciting was going on. Still no chasing though, but a very ear to clean on the man in front! Heehee! He seemed very appreciative of my services!
It it was a big day of workywalkies and train rides and bus rides. The train bits were OK. Actually the train home was great! I got a bit space to sprawl out and ut was wonderfully cool too. That was VERY welcome by all if us after the humdungously bus ride. Dad said it was called a Borisbus. I think it was a BoilMeBus. It was super crowded and I got squashed sort of under the seat and against Mum, and all the humans had leaky skin.
I enjoyed having my picnic tea outdoors tonight! I got to munch overlooking that big long wide stream in the middle of that big London place.
1) Me sitting, in harness, beside Mum, who us standing at the top of all the seats in the TV studio. Behind is the stage set of The Chase show.
2) Mum and me beside the big blue and yellow train that brought us into Paddington Station.
3) Waiting for the bus in London. Mum standing, me sitting in harness in the shade by a bus shelter.
4) Me guiding Mum across a road in London.
5) Me guiding Mum along the busy Southbank walkway beside the Thames.
6) Mum and me on the Southbank with a very big house in the background. Mum says it is called The House of Parliament. It has a mega huge tickydisk up high on a pointy tower.
7) Me in harness waiting patiently while Mum is yackety-yacking with two people on the Southbank.
8) A taxi driverman stopped to say hello. He said he is a Guide Dogs supporter. I had to give him a kiss yo say thank you for doing that! Happy to oblige!
Now, we have made it all the way back to our floatyboatyhome home. The bed is unoccupied.......Mum and Dad are occupied by that squawkybox on the wall, and with some of that niffy red water they like...... I'm a very tired doggy who has worked very hard today......heehee! I think I shall indulge myself.....shhhh! Don't tell......

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