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Friday, 23 September 2016

All in a Day's work!

Mum went way up high! I got a bit worried and nearly got flattened when she came back down. Oops!

It was in a big indoor shoppyplace in a town Dad says is called Poole. I had workywalkied all through the town and, of course, when Mum asked me to 'Find Boots', I found it straightaway! I then had to 'find the stairs' and take Mum 'upsteps'. We then had to do a bit of waiting before going into a little room with a nice lady. It seems this lady was very interested in Mum's back paws. She got Mum to sit in a big black chair with her back legs up on stickyout bits on the front, then she pressed a button and Mum went up and up and up. She stopped going up when her back paws were sticking out towards the lady's face when she was sitting in a normal chair. Nice lady then poked and prodded lots at Mum's paws and some of the pokes and prods made Mum's face go all squiffy! I know that squiffy look means Mum is ouchy! That's why I got a bit worried. So, as Mum started to come back down again, I wanted to get to her to check she was OK. It seems that I couldn't get ot her from under the chair as it was coming down! I had to 'back back' and wait a moment but, as soon as they were within reach I went to Mum's hind paws and gave them lots of kisses to make sure they were OK.

I think I heard stuff about going back again sometime soon. Mum seemed pleased with all the yachety-yacking that went on in there anyway.

We also went to visit Granny today - twice! The first time, she was lying in bed doing lots of zzzzzing. Her nose was making some peculiar growling noises! We stayed for a little while and Dad tried to wake her up, but she was too well zonked so we left and went across the road. THAT was an excellent manoeuvre! It gave me a lovely chance to catch up on lots of weemails and to play with a few passing poochpals on that golfcourse place. There were a few humans doing that strange thing they do with long sticks. I really wanted to help them find their little white bobbly balls that they so carelessly thwacked a long way away, but spoilsport Mum wouldn't let me! She put my lead on me and told me to 'leave'. Humph!

After the trip into Poole, we went back again to visit Granny. This time, she was still in bed but was just about awake. Mum lifted Granny's front paw over the edge of the bed so I could give it a kiss to tell Granny I love her. She liked that!

So, all in all, it seems to have been a day all about paws and kisses! oh, and, of course, most importantly, a freerun! I think that means it counts as a good day's work!

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