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Sunday, 18 September 2016

I should Coco......

I ❤️ Coco

Coco is the black lab puppygirlie that I met at a lock. We had a fandabbydooooozzee game of chase and swim and roll and box and chase and run and....... Ooooh it was all too fast and too good to remember it all! She is 14 months old, born as a Guide Dog puppy but now training to be a Hearing Dog for a deaf person.

That was immediately after a brief play with a 14 week old Cockapoo puppy called Holly, at the same lock. It is always nice when Mum lets me off duty at the 'in the middle of nowhere' locks, but this one today was just super good.

I had worked hard before all this fun! I guided Mum the three miles to and from church this morning, and around some other locks too.

And it IS Sunday! So it is supposed to a day off isn't it?

Ooh....Sunday..... Muuuuum.....Sunday - bone day..... Ahem......
Waddyamean it's too late now?

Well......actually....my eyelids are a tad heavy......your lap is comfy......zzzzzzzzz.....

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