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Friday, 16 September 2016

Chicken Bones....

Huff! Such injustice! All night long the sky was growling. Not a murmur from Mum or Dad. Today, I growled once at a passing pair of dogs and I got told to 'shush' and 'leave'! I was only trying to tell them I didn't like the looks of them! They made my fur go all spiky!
That was after a day of lots of little bits of workywalkies, a very important visit to Guide Dogs HQ to collect a bag of my nosh, and lots of car-riding. We also visited another boat; the floatyboatyhome of humanfriends Peter and Lin. I came very close to achieving a delicious job. I was trying to save them the trouble of emptying their bin. Peter was a meanie though; he took the bag out and hung it up out of my reach! He said something about chicken bones being bad for me. Those chicken bones smelled utterly delectable and I'm sure they would have been much better for me than they are for the bin......but I shall never get to prove it! Humph!

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