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Monday, 19 September 2016

Watching the World go By.....

My world today:
Quite a lot of workywalkies with Mum along the towpaths, but also lots of lying down. Lying on the back deck of our floatyboatyhome watching the water and trees drift by. Lying on the locksides supervising Mum while she did all the windy-uppy-windy-downy-pushy-pully stuff. It's a tough life!

One of the locks seemed to get Mum a bit scared. There was a huge wooshy sploshystuff thunderflow and she had only done a little bit of the windy-uppy thing. I really couldn't work out what all the worry was about. I just got a bit bored waiting! I will post a separate video of that later.

Me lying on the back deck with my paws almost over the edge of the deck. Pic shows the side/back of my head as I watch the world drift by.

Me lying by the lockside watching Mum doing all the work. This is a huge lock at Aldermaston. The edges are scalloped and the lockside surface is red bricked.

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