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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Bang, Crash, Wallop!

Bang. Bang, bangbangbang. I nearly jumped out of my fur! And Mum let out a kind of squeakpip and jerked off the ground too.

We had been enjoying a lovely long workywalkies around Newbury. It was going great. Mum was saying lots of 'Good boy' and 'Good working'. We were heading along the pavement next to a busy main road and, all of a sudden a car vroomed past and went bang bang bangbangbang. It was scary. The humans in it were laughing lots and yelling out "Yeaheeey! Jump blind dog. Jump!" Then, the car did a sudden screechy turnaround that made other cars bark loudly at it, then it came back and did it again but on the other side. Then from behind us again. These times, we didn't jump so much, but I was still a bit scared. The next moment, there was a loud crunch and some naughty shouty words from the humans inside the bangbangcar. Mum was holding her paw over her mouth and making strange snorting noises, then this developed into laughing. She asked me to go 'forward' to the car that was sort of joined to the blue and yellow car in front of it. Then blue flashers started on the lid of the blue and yellow car and two men got out of it and put flat hats on. They were both wearing black padded fursubstitutes with all sorts of danglings on them.

One of them asked Mum if she would mind waiting just a moment, then they got the humanboys out of the bangbangcar. They put shiny tugtoy things around their front paws and then put one of them inside the blue and yellow car. The other one stayed with one of the black padded men. The other black padded man came to yacketyyack with Mum. He asked Mum's permission, then gave me a lovely ear-rub. I like him! He did some squiggles with a markystick in a little markybook, then said we could go, but he might talkybone Mum later if he needed to.

We finished our walk to that blimmin Dullelm place but, it seems they didn't have what Mum wanted so we escaped quickly and finished our walk home via the nice quiet towpath route.

The rest of the day has been mainly snoozy for me while Mum and Dad did ooooooooodles of yacketyyacking with a nice manvisitor called Graham. This snoozing was partly under the table in our floatyboatyhome, and partly in a human yummyery. This, of course, brought an extra and welcome workywalkies there and back.

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