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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Yack Yack Yack Yack and Flippin' Yacketty Yack Yack!

Workywalkies, sausages (well....one little bit of sausage that Mum dropped within hoovering distance), workywalkies, bus ride, workywalkies, looooooooong bus ride, workywalkies, car ride, workywalkies, yackety-yackety-yackety-yack-yack-yack.......picnic tea, more yackety-yacking, freerunnnnnnn! Yayyyyyy! That made the car ride home much more acceptable! The freerun was along a stretch of towpath that I guided Mum along last year when we did our MegaWalk. It was nice to check it all out again.
Four photos of all the yackety-yacking stuff. Apparently it was a meeting - something to do with important people on the canals - I just enjoyed the fusses that I got from some of them, and endured all the yacketying....

Meeting new friends from Reading Buses.

Apparently this is the Top Man of the Canals!

Martin - he helps at the locks at Newbury!

Some other boaty people Mum yacketty-yacked with.

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