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Saturday, 24 September 2016


Oh my goodness! These humans never seem to run out of Yacketyyack! Two rooms full of it today!

We went to a big building where we had to pose in front of a big green blob thing. Then we went into one of those little rumbling rooms where the outside changes when the doors open. Next we went into a room full of people and tables full of yummies! Oooh! It did smell good but I didn't get a crumb! Huff! Once the door was closed, Mum removed my bra and my lead, and I got to go hoovering and greeting all around the room! There were lots of fusses to be got!

After these initial greetings, Dad stuck a tail onto his clicketyfingerstoy, pictures of our floatyboatyhome and of me appeared on two big black windows on the wall and Mum went into yackety-yack mode. I settled down for a snooze!

After a load of Mum's yacking, lots of the other people joined in too; asking questions that just made Mum do yet more yacketying! Then, when that was all finished, it was back into my bra again and off we set following another nice man, into the scene-changer-rumblebox, then outside and through a tunnel into another building......and then a repeat of the same whole yacketying thing with a different set of people. So, it was another snooze for me!

At the end of each of the two sessions, the nice people put shinydisks and floppy rectangles into a little model of a yellow me. Apparently this will all be counted and added to my fundraising total. This is to help train another furry lifechanger Guide Dog Puppy. So that means all the snoozing and fusses were very worthwhile today!

We also went to visit Granny again today and she was up and in her wheelieseat in a dining room. She sounded a bit blurred when she was yacking but it was better than yesterday when she was in bed and very fuzzy!

After that came a very very welcome freerun on the golf course. I found a few friends to play with, including a mega fun pal called Beagie the Beagle. This gave me chance to demonstrate the much simpler means of communication: sniff, pee and play chase! Dogs are so superior!

Photo of Mum and me standing in front of the big green heart shaped blob at LV office building.

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