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Sunday, 11 September 2016

Holy Moses!

We went to church. Then I met Moses!
It has been a good Sunday! A nice long workywalkies to church. Lots of humans to meet n greet. Another nice long workywalkies back, but via a different route - The one that runs through a park! That was where I met Moses, the little fluffy scruffy Jack Russel pocket rocket! We had a fantabulous game of chase! His human dad didn't seem too keen on doggy-style greetings though. He just doesn't understand the importance of our sniffing of various bits of each others' anatomy! Never mind, we just did a bit more chasing instead.
When end we got back to the boat, I was glad of my nice big bowl of water. Much better than that hot brown stuff Mum and Dad insist is good to drink! The rest of the afternoon has been spent busily getting stuck into a wonderful big juicy bone. I do like my Sunday bones!
Moses (Mo) and me playing!

Moses & me having a breather!

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