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Saturday, 10 September 2016

First Court, then Prison!

Naughty humans. Today seems to have been predominantly about naughty humans.
We set off for workywalkies under a very leaky sky, but didn't go far. We went into a huge building where there were lots and lots of humans; some just wandering around and some wearing strange fursubstitutes. Outside, there were some cars and a big vroombox, all with blue and yellow squares on them. Mum says it was an Open Day at Reading County Court. To me, it was just a fab fuss-fest! Of course, I worked hard too guiding Mum in and out of lots of rooms and up and down lots and lots of steps and stairs. In one of the rooms, there were people dressed in peculiar headfur things and they were all sitting behind lots of desks. There was some yackety-yacking going on around the room and it was all rather strange. Then, in another room, Mum and Dad took it in turns to sit on a huge chair behind a huge desk. They also put on a funny headfur thing while Dad's one-eyed-clickybox did it's thing. Then Mum asked me to 'hup' my paws onto the huge desk and she put the funny headfur thing on me. Apparently that funny headfur things makes the wearer a very important person who gets called 'Your Honour'. I think I prefer my own gleaming black fur and my name, but I do quite like the 'very important' bit.
Next, we went to another mahhooooosive building that didn't have so many people in it but we looked into lots and lots of tiny rooms. Apparently this used to be a very special kennel block for very naughty humans who got sent there after going to the funny headfur things place. It was, Mum says, an open day there too. Again, I guided Mum along lots of long corridors, in and out of lots of tiny rooms and up and down lots of horrible clangy open-backed stairs. I also managed to snaffle do few fusses from impressed humans. Well....it would be rude to ignore their admiration wouldn't it?
When we headed back to the boat, we met an old friend, Maffi. He disappeared for a few minutes to his boat, just along the towpath from us, then he came back. Better than that, he was accompanied by Molly, my little doggypal! Molly and I spent some fab time getting reacquainted (last year, we had some great time together during our Megawalk). This afternoon, we enjoyed a chewstick each and I allowed Molly to have a chew on one of my bones too. I also enjoyed some great ear-cleaning duty on Maffi!
Me with my paws up on the huge desk, wearing the creamy coloured funny headfur thing.

Mum and me behind bars in the naughty humans kennelblock place.

Mum and me looking into one of the tiny rooms, containing a two-tier strange bed thing with no mattress and a little desk.

Me almost on Maffi's lap, enjoying some wonderful fuss. Molly, the White-with-black-patches Staffie X Jack Russell, is on my bed beside us chewing my bone.

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