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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Cruising and Relaxing!

Watching the world go by. This is more like it! Just lying on the back deck as we cruise, inspecting the quacking featherballs as we pass them on our way. Plenty of this today, interspersed with working a few locks and bridges (and a few yummies for remembering what I'm supposed to do).

After all of this hard work and relaxation, when we moored up, I took Mum for a bit of a walkies just along the towpath. It just happens that there is a field there. It just happens that Mum brought along my ball launcher. It just happens that Mum was daft enough to hope that I would stay dry when this field just happens to have several places where I can go paddling into the canal/river...... well..... OK...... I may have just happened to wade in just a tad further than paddling point......just maybe I may have happened to enjoy a good swimming session! Well, I had been good..... It was hot..... that water was lovely and cool......

Heehee! Mum gave up and started her daft game of launching my ball into the water so I had to go rescue it - over and over again! It's a tough life being me!

Guide Dog Oakley cruising on the Good Ship nb Sola Gratia.
Photo shows me lying on the back deck of the boat gazing at the water as it glides by.

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