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Friday, 2 September 2016

Looking after Granny

Home again! Yayyy! Floatyboatyhome!
It it has been a heck of a day leading up to this homecoming though. Bag-packing, car-packing, workywalkies, meeting up with Bella the yapping puffball that I played with a long time ago, a trip to Pets at Home to sit on the shiny platform to check my numbers again (Mum says there is a discrepancy between branches and I'm not as skinny as she thought I was getting. I think this means a little less extra rations. Huffffffff!), a couple of other stops in the Worthing area. Ooh! I did manage to divert Mum to the all important pic-mix section in PAH. I did a bit of essential hoovering duty and persuaded Mum to dig deep with that big scoop. Well.....it would be unthinkable to run out of good boy rewards wouldn't it?!
We we finally left Worthing and began the long car ride that took us to visit Granny in Bournemouth, via a stop at a human yummyery where I made friends with two minihumans who are Carers for their Mum who has something called MS. I don't know what that is but Mum was telling her all about Canine Partners. I hope she gets one to help her. We working dogs just love to transform the lives of our humans and their families. When we arrived at Granny's kennelblock, she was sitting in her wheelieseat just inside the doorway. She was snoozing. I woke her up by plonking my head in her lap! She liked that. It made her laugh!
After a little while with Granny, we went into Bournemouth town where I had to strut my stuff through the crowds to "Find Boots". Of course I did! Straight in the magic doors! My bum may have bounced a tad as it hit the floor maybe a bit harder than intended - in triumphant expectation of my due reward for being Mum's smartybotty! Heehee! We went right to the back where a nice man mended the little tiny twiddly thing that came out of Granny's earole.
A visit to Granny's flat was a bit baffling: there was a strange long cover over the carpet right through from the front door to the bathroom. There was neither of the two human spending seats - just holes where they should be. There was a new bath, new bowl-on-cupboard, and a new flat square bath-thing that looked a bit like the bottom of our warmrainbox but without a front yet. The walls have new cover-rectangles all over too. We only stayed long enough for Mum and Dad to pack yet more stuff into bags. Then it was back into the car again, another brief visit to Granny to give her back her earole twiddly thing plus a few other things, then another longish drive to floatyboatyhome in Newbury.
I finally got my dinner, very late, and only after a long wait for a Dad to get the box out of the car. I thought I was going to wilt away! Phew! I then had to take Dad for a leisurewalkies while Mum unpacked and stroked the boat's floor.
Now, I hear my sofa calling me....... Budge over Mum....

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