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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

The Most Fantabulous Day!

The bestest day! Today has been the bestestestestest day for aaaaaaaggggeeeesssss! I am one very happy boy!

I took Dad for a nice longish walkies this morning while Mum was helping Papa to sort out all of Nanny's fursubstitutes. Then, when we got back we almost immediately got into the car and went for a longish drive. I recognised where we were, but was a bit disappointed when we stopped and got out of the car too soon. We did a little bit of waiting around outside a human yummyery. This was rather boring so I just laid down on the ground and watched the cars go by. Then a car went by containing humans I recognised. This made me sit up and squeak a bit! I was sooooooo excited to see my PuppyMummy and PuppyDaddy!

They parked their car in front of ours then got out and I may have gone just a tad berserk - I couldn't wait to greet not only them but also Guide Dog Puppy Raymond too. Raymond is now as big as me, but he needs to do some more eating - he is a lot narrower than me!

We had to endure a time in the human yummyery while the humans all did some yacketyyacking and noshing. Raymond and I were supposed to be behaving but it was soooooo hard to do that when we had so much fun pent up inside us. I did do my bestest to set the example of the mature and sensible (ahem!) qualified Guide Dog. I did achieve it some of the time! Raymond was a bit noisy though. He has some learning to do about how to misbehave quietly so that the humans don't notice!

Then came the fantabulousest time: we completed the journey to the bestestest place in the world: West Wittering Beach! Yayhayhayhay! Ooooooh! Boy! Did we have some fun running and chasing and chewing and rolling and splashing on that most wonderfullest long walk all the way around the whole sandy loop!

I did have to endure the horrors of the squirtysnake and froth attack in Papa's garden when we got back, but I think it was worth it! A while of a good bone-gnawing and I am now super-shattered! Now.....Mum's not looking and the bed is very appealling.......zzzzzzzzz

Five photos of me and Raymond (both black labradors) enjoying a fantastic freerun together on sandy beach and in the shallows of the sea. Then the last picture is a portrait of Raymond.

Me (right) and Raymond chasing and chewing!

Raymond and Me (right again) coming out of the sea.

Me on the left this time with Raymond splashing in the sea!

I'm back on the right, running with Raymond.


Guide Dog Puppy Raymond.

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