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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Lots of workywalkies....

Two days to catch up on.

Yesterday - Bags packed. Car packed. Back home to floatyboatyhome. Car unpacked. Bags unpacked. Workywalkies to Lidl's where I found my favourite checkout - the one with Jerry doing the bleep-bleeps! Fusses and happy greetings. Workywalkies back to floatyboatyhome. A brief play with Bella the Staffie from another floatyboatyhome in the boat-kennel. Then.......a car arrived......my tail wagged me off my paws! It was Debbi and Ryan! Yipppeeeeee! That meant more workywalkies to a human yummyery and back. Then they left again.....boooooo! Nice sofa snuggles with Mummy in the evening.

Today - Daddy abandoned us! He left early taking his big black box that has his long-necked-noisebox with four thick whiskers along it. Mum and I left a bit later to workywalkies to church. It was a good walkies. Mum was pleased with me (only pleased enough for one tiny bit of edible proof though! Huff! I'm sure I worked gooder than that!) and I found Daddy again, so it was all ok! I had to look after Mum through all the human howling bit of the service, because Dad was up front tickling the thick whiskers on his long-necked noisebox.

After that, we went back to floatyboatyhome, then off for a long car ride, followed by some nice workywalkies along an old-familiar canal. We went to a tiny and very old building at a place Mum says is called Stoke Bruerne, where we met a nice humanman called Martin. Apparently, if we had gone yesterday, we would have met Martha, Martin's ladyhuman's Canine Partner. Huff! Miffed I missed her! Mum says we will go another time to meet up! I hope so. I did meet a few doggypals along the way but wasn't allowed to play coz I was working. It was nice to sniffgreet though!

Now we are back in our floatyboatyhome and I have just noticed that the bed is made and vacant. So.....scuse me....I have a warming service to provide!

Mum and me with Martin Farrant at Ark Stained Glass Commissions Restorations Lamps and smaller items at Stoke Bruerne Old Stables.

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