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Monday, 12 September 2016


"Stay on the boat" Mum kept saying. Well, I had no blimmin choice did I? We were moored against that nasty floor stuff that is made up of lots of little squares of nothingness. The grid of grey ridges around all those holes makes my paws ouch! I tried to walk on it but it made me go down on my belly like a commando. I backed back onto the boat again! Dad walked off across that ouchy grid though. I suppose that is the advantage of human pawcovers. When Dad left me behind though it made me squeak coz I couldn't get to him. He walked off and left me! Apart from which, I needed a weeeeeee. I had to wait until after we had been inside the lock and finally bobbed up to the top so I could jump off the boat and water the bushes. Phewwwwww!

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