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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Oi Mum - Share That Sofa!

Lotsa bitsa today.
Off to Sainsbury's. Lie under table while the meanies all munched bacon and sausages.
Around Sainsbury's including Mum's total refusal to allow me to guide her to the doggy department.
Into and around a bit of town.
Back to floatyboatyhome.
Back across town to a big hall. Fuss, admiration and greetings. Snooze through human yacketying. A tiny morsel of hoovering when Mum was messy with a biscuit.
More snoozing through more yacketying.
More fusses and admirations.
More around town including a shop where Mum got new pawcovers.
A mini freerun in Victoria Park - yipeeeeeeee!!
Back to floatyboatyhome.
Around town again.
Back to floatyboatyhome.
Oi! Mum.....share that sofa please!

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