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Monday, 29 May 2017

Shall We?

Jeepers! That was a heck of a day!

A quick play on the towpath with Lilly, then a car ride to a church in Newbury. Nice comfy carpet to snooze on - I approved - so much so that I stayed snoozing while Mum and Dad went up on the raised floor bit and did a load of yacketying into black lollipops. Mum came back after a few minutes but Dad stayed up there for ages. Apparently he was doing something called 'preaching'. It seems that this preaching thing meets with human approval - lots of the humans there told him afterwards that it was good. I double like that church - not only comfy carpet but also a garden area to explore while all the hot brown drinks bit happens!

Next came a workywalkies around Newbury - including those bleepy crossings that dispense yummies when I 'hup-touch' to show Mum where the buttons are! Six of them for one set of corssings makes for a delicious bit of working!

That was followed by another car ride back to Thatcham where all the floatyboats are. There were gazillions of visitors! It was crazy busy but I survived it by largely just lying down on the grass under a chair. I did emerge to meet and greet passing pooch pals though!

This evening, once all the visitors had gone, it was workywalkies time again - up the road to Thatcham Baptist Church - another comfy carpet! Another welcome snooze while the humans all did a vast amount of yacketying and howling.

What came next was a most unexpected and pleasant little treat: It started off as a workywalkies with Dad alongside too. We discovered a park area. Mum said 'shall we? Just for a little relax?' Well....yeeeeesssss!!! Please Mum!!!!! We did! I got a little freerun - nothing special - just a gentle jog around the field - but it was a lovely relax! Aaaaaahhhhhhh!

We completed the workywalkies back to floatyboatyhome where we spent the evening chilling on the towpath. The humans were all enjoying stinky red water in those bowls-on-stalks, plus cheese and biccies. I did get a seriously yummy couple of morsels of cheese! I love my Mummy! I love Cheese!

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  1. Monty is with you on the cheese front, Oakley!