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Saturday, 27 May 2017

Bark Shire!

Workyploddies was about all we could manage today - three and a quarter miles of it. Even on a new route, which would normally get me lots of 'Whoa. Steady' commands from Mum , I still couldn't muster my usual enthusiasm. It was faaaaarrrrr too hot for being energetic.

It was a nice walkies though and it did have a lovely cool bit in the middle when we went into a shop called the Co-Wop. That was a nice little new challenge. I managed to find the bread aisle for Mum when she was burbling about needing it.

We also stopped in the town centre bit where there were lots of those shops with flappy walls and roofs. They weren't there last time we went. We found some of our floatyboaty human friends there - of course that meant oooooodles of human yacketying. I just laid down for a rest on the grass. Eventually, after a session of talkybones being aimed at us, with various combinations of the humanfriends joining us, we got to leave and complete our plod.

I have largely snoozed away the rest of the day while Mum and Dad have both been busy doing loads of clicketyfingersing.

Ooh! I nearly forgot - before we went out Mum had to yackety with a ladyhuman with a huge black lollipop. There was a car parked beside the boats and it had big sticky-uppy things on the roof. Apparently, this was called an Outside Broadcast on BeeBeeSee Radio Barksheer. I didn't See any Bees or hear any barking but I stood like a good boy while the yacketying went on. Mummy said nice things about me and about Guide Dogs, as well as about what we are all doing here with our floatyboatyhomes.

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