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Monday, 15 May 2017

What a Fun Day!

Heeheehee! Well.... THAT worked a treat! Soggy belly.......no harness! Yessss!

Actually, of course, I love my job and I don't mind at all when Mum puts my harness on me. It means I get to strut my stuff looking after her. I did my fair share of that today; about 6 miles of so of it: to and from church, around Lidl's and then around a hoooooooooggggeeenormous garden place. I thought it was going to be workywalkies all the way - even though it was a sort of parkyplace. Mum says it was called The Vyne - National Trust place. 

After a long workywalkies around the place though, we came to a woodland trail. Mum asked me to 'sit' and took off my harness and lead/noseband. Then came that bestest of all command 'Go play'! Yaaayyyyyhaaayyyyhayyhayyhayyyy! Dad did my job of looking after Mum. (Thanks Dad!) and I had a good old romp around.

I found a place for a delectable cool down sploshy session. I shall make note of the consequences - Mum said she couldn't really harness up a soggy scruffamuffin so I only got to go back on lead when we got to the bit where I was no longer allowed to freerun. Reeeeesult!

Various photos of my freerun
Running and sniffing about in the undergrowth, wading shoulder deep in the stream, catching a yummy in mid air and sitting patiently waiting for Dad when he disappeared to the manhumans spending room.

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