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Monday, 22 May 2017


WOW! I have 2000 likes! Mum says that is a big big number! Can I please have a yummy for each one - then I might get a better idea of just how big that number is.......please? Well.....it would help me to understand.......

It has been a largely lazy chilled out day today. I took Mum and Dad, plus all the rest of the floatyboatyhumans to a church this morning. I like that church; it has comfy carpet and good hoovering! Then, after the return workywalkies, I have played on and off all afternoon with Lilly and a whole load of passing pooch pals here on the towpath. In between plays and meet-n-greets, I have enjoyed snoozing on the grass in the warmth fro the fireball in the sky.

This evening, we went to a different church where I got to snooze under a chair on another comfy carpet. Mum and Dad went up on the raised floor and did some yacketying with a black lollipop.
I have now just returned from taking Daddy for a nice leisurely evening walkies and now, with Mummy-sofa-snuggles, my eyelids seem rather heavy........zzzzzz

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