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Saturday, 6 May 2017

Strutting my Stuff Again!

Team towpath - back in action again today! Yayyy!

We like to get in a bit of practice from time to time!

Today started off with a long workywalkies to Tesco's, via the extended route. Then, shortly after we got back, visitors arrived. Humanfriends of Mum & Dad's. Apparently, this Dave manhuman used to be Dad's boss. He is a nice boss! Apparently they live in some place far far away, called China, but they came to visit. The ladyhuman had a strange humanbark that I didn't understand. I wonder if they have doggypals in this China place? I wonder if they understand their humans?

After vast amounts of yacketying and noshing aboard our floatyboatyhome, we set off cruising. It was fantabulous! We only went cruising just for the pleasure of going cruising, but it meant that Mum and I got to strut our stuff along the towpath, there and back again, working the three locks and a swingbridge twice each. It's where we belong. Mum says it is good practice for when we get on the move again soon... I like the sound of that!

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