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Friday, 5 May 2017

Oops. Disgraced Myself...

Booo! :( Back at the floatyboatykennel! I'm already missing that huge 'garden'. I think I have heard Mum say something about returning again soon though.... :)

Before we left this morning though, I had a fandabbydoozy play iwith a fellow Guide Dog - well a puppy in training.... 11 month old Spring the yellow Lab x Retreiver girlie. That was a delightful enounter in that park/garden. We did big zoomies together and a fair bit of chase and ear-chewing too! Woohoo! It is always good to play with doggypals, but even better to play with a colleague!

We then cruised back to the floatyboatykennel with human guests aboard. Two ladyhumans who came along just for the ride.

This afternoon, I took Mum workywalkies into town and then to Sainsbury's. I met a humanfriend in there; Terry who used ot live on a floatyboatyhome. Terry does supergood ear rubs! I likeTerry! I also found a ladyhuman in a wheelieseat. Mum tried to tell me to go straight on, but I just knew that ladyhuman needed my loves. I tugged Mum over and just laid my chin on the ladyhuman's lap. It made her mouth go up at the corners! We stayed for a few minutes while the humans did a bit of yacketying; just long enough for me to show her my loves!

We then walked back home after Daddy come to take all the goodies. (Mum couldn't carry them all). On the way, when we were doing the bleepycrossings, I found another colleague to greet. I wasn't allowed to much in the way of proper greetings though becaue this Guide Dog was with a manhuman who was learning how be looked after by my colleague. There was a Guide Dogs Mobility Instructor with them. i had to behave! We dogs did get to rub noses briefly though! Maybe we will meet up again sometime.

This evening, we went out again to humanfriends' house. When we arrived in the car, I may have.....erm.....disgraced myself somwhat! Ahem! Errrrmmmm.....Ooopsie! Well.....I was still in the boot of the car when this hissing furball appeared outside. I shouted at it but it still kept strutting across the gardens. Mum waited before opening the carbumdoor, thinking the beast had gone. Well....I knew better! I knew it hadn't gone very far.....and I knew exactly where it was. I may have forgotten my manners .....and maybe I forgot a smidgen of my obedience too......Mum did say something about 'Stay' 'Wait' but that hissing furball made me go temporarily deaf! I......errr.....kind of exploded out of the car and rocketed off to sort out that monster! Mum was not impressed! I got a serious telling off! Oops!

I did see off that hissing furball though! 

2 photos of me with Spring the Guide Dog puppy in training today. In both, Spring is on the left and I am on the right. We are sitting on the grass. In one of the pics, Spring has her big pink tongue hanging out of the side of her mouth and we are looking at each other. In the other pic, we are kissing.


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