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Friday, 19 May 2017

I Got a Bone!!!!

Yummy end to a good workywalkies.

I took Mum and Dad into town, via the slightly longer route. We went into a few shops where Mum asked the workypeople to stick a flappy rectangle with squiggles on it into the windows. Some said yes - that made Mum and Dad's mouths go up at the corners! (Apparently these flappy rectangles are telling all the humans in town what is going to be happening soon). Then we went to the super-yummy red and white striped shop. I got a bone! Yippeeeeee! Well.... three bones actually! A red and white striped manhuman used a shiny to-and-fro thing to make one bone into three! I like three better than one!

Then we went to a big important building that Mum says is called the Town Hall. In there, we met some ladyhumans and I got some lovely ear-rubs while Mum and Dad did some yacketying.

Next stop was the car and a little ride so Daddy could use his one-eyed-clickybox. For me, that was just a brief snooze opportunity.

Before all of  this, another workywalkies to Sainsbury's got my mouth dripping but Mum and Dad failed to recognise my plight under the table: They didn't drop a single crumb! How mean was that?!! I then did my duty all the way around the whole shop before I got a chunk of carrot at end of the checkout bit. That was worth having! Yummmmm.

Much more worth having than even a chunky carrot is this scrummylicious bone! I am one happy boy!

Photo - close up of the top of my head - nose down at my huge bone - the knobblyknuckle end of a cow's thigh apparently.

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