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Monday, 22 May 2017


Ooooh! I was glad of that freewalkies along the towpath and the swim in the river. Welllllll.....It just had to be done! There was a little inlet just begging me to go in......I did my bestest to dry myself off on the muddy towpath afterwards but Mum wasn't too impressed with my efforts. She threw my squeaky spacehopper back into the river so I had to go retrieve it again. Then, before I got chance to roll again to desoggy, we were off along the towpath again! I found some long grass. That seemed to appease her.

The day started off with a meeting and greeting with a ladyhuman called Morven. Her black lab had brought her walkies along the towpath. I knew there was something special about that doggypal. She is a withdrawn colleague! The ladyhuman is apparently a Guide Dogs workyperson who makes sure we dogs are looked after properly and kept in good health. She said I look good! Well, of course I do! Apparently she lives near here so we might see more of her. I hope so. I rather fancy a good playtime with a colleague - withdrawn or not - we are still of the same big family!

We then set off in the car to Newbury where we went into a room with lots of ladyhumans. There were yummies too but not much hoovering. They were all too clean at their eating! I did wander along the full length of the undertable but found very little. I did get some fusses and admiration though. Mum stood up and did some yacketying and then they all banged their front paws together. At that, I stood up and took a rather splendid bow! I do like to be admired!

Next came a long car ride and I didn't like that! The sky was all leaky and so there was a lot of loud sloshy noises from underneath me. I got a bit puffypanty. But I survived and we went into a big building where there were lots of seats. It was dark in there so I had to find the seat for Mummy. I also found Puppa! That made my tail wag!

We settled down and watched lots of humans on the big raised floor. In front of the raised floor was a bit of lowfloor. Down in there we spotted Debbi (my biggest humansister). She was tickling the black and white teeth on a noisebox. There were other humans doing banging and parping and twanging down there too. When they did that, the humans on the raised floor did some humanhowling. Mum says it was all called 'Legally Blonde'. Apparently it was very good. The bit I was most interested in was when doggypals appeared on the raised floor. There was a tiny one that was only carried on in human paws, but another one got to walk for himself. I would have so loved to go meet and greet them but it wasn't to be. Huff!

Afterwards, we all went walkies around town (Epsom apparently) and found a human yummyery. More lying under the table for me! And it all made my dinner late too! Hooooowwwwllllll! I had to wait until we got back to the car, then I had a picnic in the boot!

The long journey home was OK and dry for almost all the way. That was better. When we arrived, I got to take Mummy for a lovely stroll along the towpath. She enjoyed the after-journey unwind too. She didn't join me in the swimming bit though. She said it was too cold. What a wuss!

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