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Thursday, 25 May 2017


Minihumans. Gazillions of them! All together in one room.......aaaaaggggghhhhhh!

Mum said we were going for a toddle. At least I thought that was what she said.....I then heard something about a toddler group.......I don't think that is a pleasant wandering kind of toddle is it?

There was one little girlyminihuman who was nice. She did some soothing ear-strokes and belly rubs. After she finished adoring me though, I managed to crawl, commando-style, under the chair Mum was sitting on. She was yacketying with a grownup ladyhuman so she didn't notice my slinking away to safety.

After all the yacketying and playing and minihumanhowling was over, I got to help with the clearing up and putting away. Mum and the other ladyhumans were busy putting wheeliething and noisythings and all sorts of boxes of colourful things away into a big cupboard. By the time they had finished doing that I had managed to put away aaaaallllll the tasty crumbs of biccies left scattered all over the floor by all those minihumans. Now that kind of putting away is good to do!

Workywalkies back again after that was a bit ploddy - it was very hot. Mum kept us on the shady side of the road, so we then had to cross over at a busy place instead of at the bleepycrossing. I did good! We made it!

Most of the rest of the day has been spent snoozing on the floor at the back of the boat. It was a bit cooler there - and it was safely out of the way of the hoards of slightly bigger minihumans who were visiting our floatyboatyhomes today.

A slightly cooler workywalkies this evening was nice though, even if we did have to wait aaaaaages at the cage door that came down across the road and pavement when the train came by.

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