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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

I Wish to Report the Theft of a Packet...

We've moved! We are no longer in the floatyboatykennel. We have move all the way (haha) to the other side of the canal. This is great news as it means I don't always have to be on lead to go out to do what a doggy has to do. I can nip off of our floatyboatyhome and down into the bushes beside the towpath. This also means that, if I get my timing just right and Mum or Dad look let their attention slip for just a moment, I can sneak off to investigate a little way along the way

These little investigations led to the discovery that we are moored right next to the floatyboatyhome belonging to my doggypal Bess. I couldn't get her attention so I carefully left my calling card outside for her. Dad was really mean though; he came straight along and removed it! Wrapped it in a bag and had the audacity to put it in a bin! How am I supposed to leave my love letters for my girlfriend if he's going to do that? Huff!

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