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Monday, 29 May 2017

New Bone - Sleeps well!!!

If there is any such thing as 'normal' in Oakleyworld, then today was something approaching that normal.

3 miles workywalkies into Thatcham town, around the Co-Wop then to Costa (carpet snooze time!) then back home to floatyboatyhome. Then more walkies along the towpath to deliver a squidgy block of slices in a bag to David and Mary. They have moved their floatyboat away a bit so it was a wonderfully long walkies. I .....errrrr....may...have just happened to slip into the river for a bit of a swim.....heehee! Got Mum wonderfully well with a bigshake too!

So, after about 5 miles of walking and a good swimming session too, I was quite happy to snooze away the rest of the day.

A new bone was a very welcome distraction from the close inspection of the insides of my eyelids. I think my jaws rather needed that bit of exercise!

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