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Monday, 8 May 2017


Today has been a curious mixture.

First of all, I set out taking Mum workywalkies to church. Dad had gone in the car. After a while of walking, Mum suddenly stopped and got out her talkybone. She asked it to 'Call Tim'. A few moments later, Dad appeared in the car and whisked us off to church. It seems that Mum had got the directions all wrong and we were heading in completely the wrong direction! Duh! Oh well, it was a nice walk while it lasted!

When I say that Dad drove us to church, I need to clarify: It was a different church, but he dropped Mum and me off and drove away again. Most odd! Mum asked me to find the gate', then up the path and 'find the door'. We went into the big pointy building and found some very nice humans to meet and greet inside. After finding a seat for Mum (it was one of those long wooden bench seats inside a sort of box), i settled down to snooze through the human howling. Afte a llttle while, Mum harnessed me up again and I had to take her up the front. She was given a black lollipop with a long tail and she did some yacketying into it. It was really strange; I could hear her humanbark as normal beside me, but also bigger and louder from a box on the wall! I just laid down to soak up the admiration.

I also had to guide Mum up to the front again, up a few steps, where she got down on her knees and got given a little round yummy and a drink. I did my bestest sit beside her but I didn't get anything! Huffffff! Not fair!

After a bit more human howling and some more yacketying, we left and workywalkied around the corner to our normal church. Dad was up front with his dumdumdum noisestick. That is why he didn't come with us!

After all that, I had to guide Mum briefly around a bit of Sainsbury's then we went off in the car to a house where we found some humanfriends and a couple of doggypals in the garden. All the humans were noshing but, when that was done, we went for a lovely walkies/freerun around a woods. I got to freerun most of it but was on lead for some of it too. The ground was quite rough so I looked after Mum. I showed her the way around the rough bits and helped to keep her safe. Even when I'm not on duty, I love my Mummy and like to do what I can to keep her safe. It was easier for her to follow my bum that to walk holding paws with Daddy on some of the narrow bits!

I had to sit in amongst all the blue flowers to pose for Daddy to point his one-eyed-clickybox at me. I was a bit miffed about this because it meant I missed the opportunity to chase a feathered toy across the woods. Mum says that was another reason I was on lead. She says that pheasants are not Oakley toys. I think she is very wrong but the walkies was nice anyway.

Photo of me sitting among a mass of bluebells.

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