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Saturday, 20 May 2017

Cruising Again!

6 miles, 5 locks and 2 swingbridges. We workywalkiesded most of that but did cruise a bit of it. Well....it was Daddy's Barkday today so we kept him company for a while!

We are now in Thatcham with loads of floatyboatyfriends and, most importantly, two of my fellow floatyboatydoggypals; Bess the senior lab x collie and Lilly the little yellow lab. Happy reunions!

This evening, after all that cruising, walking and locking, there was more workywalkies to do. i guided Mum, along with aaaallll of the humans to the town to a human yummyery. Of course that meant I then spend the evening under the table - in the tiniest hope of a dropped morsel - it turned out to be a completely vain hope; not a crumb! Not an atom! Lots of fusses and admiration though! That is always welcome.

The return workywalkies was in the dark so I had to step up for Mummy. i did have to stop for a doggy download so Mum and I, along with Mary got left behind by all the other humans. No problem though. Mum just asked me to 'Find the way'. I lifted my head, strided out and we caught them all up at the bleepy barriers where the clicketyclack lines go across the road. Just after I downloaded, and of course, Mum had parcelled up my precious offering, I led Mum to a bin. As it was dark, she hadn't spotted it. She was super pleased with me and told me what a super good clever boy I am. I made sure I got my edible proof - jsut to be sure I know for definite that I really am clever!

Now, if you will excuse me, I have some bonework to catch up on. I haven't had much chance to do any all day!

Photo of me taken from above, lying on the back deck of the boat as we cruise along. I am lying with my front paws out in front of me, watching the water drift by.

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