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Saturday, 13 May 2017

Black Bits, Flashy Bowls and Buzzy Machines...

Mum says this shows why I am needed. She says this blob shows how tiny her window of vision is. This is why I have to work so hard to keep her from bumping into things. She can't see anything around her edges. She says the black bits are where she doesn't see anything. The little white bit in the middle is where she can see. Today was quite a good eyes day so she did see about as well as she is likely to.

This morning, I had to guide her to Specsavers. She then put her head right close in front of a big upright bowl thing. It had little lights flashing inside it and she was supposed to press a button when she saw one of the lights. She didn't press the button at all, so the nice ladyhuman bleeped some other buttons and then Mum did the flashy bowl thing again. This time she did press the button a very few times. 

It was all a bit boring really. I just made use of the carpet for a snooze! Next, I had to take her to a little shop across the road. The manhuman in there took her shinysticks that she uses to open the front door of the boat and to operate the control boxes on the bridges across the canals. Mum often tries to use the wrong one because they are both the same shape. The nice manhuman in that little shop made a nasty bbvvvvvzzzzz noise with a machine and Mum was delighted to find that he had made one of the shinysticks a different shape. Now she can tell them apart! Yayy!

This afternoon, I rescued Daddy by taking him out for a nice long leisure walkies. When we got back we found we had definitely had a lucky escape. Our floatyboatyhome smelled of loads of that stuff she uses when she gets carried away with stroking cloths and whiskersticks and things. I did manage to come back with slightly damp paws so I sorted out some of the mess Mum had made with all her strange doings!

Photo shows Mum's field of vision test printout for her right eye. (Left eye is not measurable, as it really doesn't work at all). It is a black blob with a tiny white section just to the left of the centre.

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