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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

University Trip!

Today's fuss-fest. It is such hard work being so admired! Aaaaalllll those ear-rubs. Aaaaaallllll the belly tickles. And, of course a good dose of kanoodling with other Guide Dogs and a GuideDogPuppyInTraining.

All of this adoration came after a good workywalkies taking Mummy to the train station, then on the train, then around Reading shoppyplace, then on the bus, then around the University grounds. Then, after all that hard work being irresistible, I had to workywalkies the return journey - and that included finding the way around the University grounds to 'Find the bus stop' when Mum couldn't work out which way to go. 

Then, after a brief time back home aboard floatyboatyhome, including a quick dinner, we were off out again - this time in the car with Daddy, to go play on the big bus and get yet more adoratiion from the bigminihumans.

Now, if you will excuse me, I really do have an enormous need for beauty sleep. Mummy......leg here please......my head is very very heavy.......zzzzzzzzzz

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