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Sunday, 7 May 2017

Playdate. Yayhay!

Bestest day EVER! WoooohooooWayyhayy!

Workywalkies into town, then on to Northcroft Park. Then a bit of a chillout time waiting......Then..... a car came into the carpark......Mum, Dad and I went onto the field and then ......Oh my wagging tail! My Puppymummy Sue, Puppydaddy Mike and Guide Dog Puppy Raymond!!!!! I may have gone just a smidgen berserk! Oh happy day! Oh waggy tail!

The bestest freerun - all over the big up-the-hill park, then along a wonderful new route along a path that took us throught woods and then to the river and canal. Silly Mummy had got ideas that we would stay dry! Haaahaaahaaa! She is just so daft! How could a pair of Labradors possibly stay dry when there is a river to be explored?

Ooooh! It was fantabbydabbydoozee!

But now I seem to be feeling rather dozy.......I shall leave you with a selection of photos of today's fun.

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