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Monday, 1 May 2017


I am absolutely Jaspered! That is not a complaint though. It has been another fandabbydoozee day here on our park mooring. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it here!

I got a good zoomies session in this morning, including a swim (I am totally sure that Mum really wanted me to do this but it was great anyway - and resulted in a good towelrub session!).

Then, on my next session outside, I was busy playing with a couple of passing pooches when I spotted a long-lost buddy coming across the park towards us. It was Jasper the little Staffie x Frenchie! Yippeeeeeeeee! That was a joyful reunion! Last time I played with Jasper he was a tiny puppster! Today, he was nearly as big as me! Oh! Boy! Did we have a fantabulous day of playing zoomie-chase across this huge park field!

Even inside our floatyboatyhome, while the humans did all their inevitable yacketying and noshing, Jasper and I still managed to carry on playing a bit - in an indoors-restricted-space-kanoodling kind of way.

Then we got another mega zoomies session outside again before Jasper had to take his humans home again. I did stand and watch sadly as they walked off across the field, but I got my dinner soon after that and that got me totally ready for a good snooze on the sofa with Mum.

I have just got back from a final walkies and and now VERY ready to let my nose do its very bestest rumbling. Shove over on the sofa Mum......put your leg just there please......yep....chin fits nicely there ta! zzzzzzzz........

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