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Thursday, 25 May 2017



"Stay out of the water" said Mum......just too late! Heehee! I was already in the river! Ooooh it was lovely!

"Big shake" - well that I can do on command - just perfectly aimed to soak everyone around rather well I think!

"Nooooooo....don't roll in the dust."

"Go swim again. Rinse it all off" - Okay! Don't mind if I do!

"Big shake" - got 'em again! 

"Roll on the grass....Nooooo! Not the dust, you numpty! Oh! I give up!" 

Heeheeheeee! That white cloth is no longer white! The towel is s delightful shade of yuck too!

Before all of this, I had donated my bone to Bess, the old ladydog next door. She is enjoying gnawing on it. I think I heard Mum say something about getting a new one out for me.......I shall have to carry out my old ones more often and present them to a fellow pooch......

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