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Wednesday, 31 May 2017


Leaky skies. Leaky locks. Leaky eyes. It has been a bit of a damp day!

Leaky skies on and off all morning - including whiel I was swimming - well........I was a soggy doggy anyway so a little swim made no difference! Heehee!

Leaky locks - getting used to them now - it just means that we have a bit longer to wait for them to fill or empty = more time for fusses and admiration from passers by!

Leaky eyes - I have done my bestest to make Mum's mouth turn up at the corners. She was using her talkybone this morning and, it seems that Pappa was inside it. Her eyes leaked lots! Apparently today should have been Nanny's barkday, but she is celebrating in heaven. I just gave Mum my bestest loving.

We are back in Newbury again after cruising and towpath strutting. We are moored against my old ladydoggypal, Bess's floatyboatyhome. That means that, like in Thatcham, we have to go across her boat to get to the bank. I wonder how many times I can manage to sneak in and 'quality check' her yummies?

This evening, Bess's humans; Henry and Lin, came with us to the Bus of Hope. I snoozed through most of that! I have to admit that my eyelids were rather heavy. I did get some lovely fusses from some of the maximinihumans that visited the bus this eveing though.

Now....if you will excuse me..... I think Mummy needs my loving - serious sofasnuggles time!

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