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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Huff, Huff and Treble HUFF!

Dullelm! Nice little outing! I don't think so!

That's what Mum said when she harnessed me up this morning: Just a nice little outing and then back for a quiet day.' Well! I can think of plenty of places that would fit the bill of 'nice'. Dullelm is NOT one of them! There is nothing even remotely sniffably interesting in there! Nothing even vaguely edible! Just boring old human stuff. Huff! Huff! Huffety Huff! I registered my protest by lying down at the end of the aisle while Mum did her browsing thing. Thanfully, she didn't do much of it this time. Just one aisle, then 'Come on Sulkysocks. Find the downsteps'. 'Find the checkout'. 'Find the door'. and finally 'find the way home'. I plodded as slowly as I could possibly manage........

It has been nice to snooze and relax with my bone for the day though. All rounded off with a nice leisure walkies this evening with Daddy. We came back to find Mummy with purple headfur. She really does do some strange things.......

Huff! Apparently midnight is an inappropriate time to be doing serious work on my bone! But...but...but.... I simply have to finish getting that deliciously gooey bit out of the middle! It's not my fault it clonks so loud on the wooden floor!

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