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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Baggage and EmanEss...

Baggage! That's what I am, apparently!

I took Mummy on another adventure to Reading. A very soggy workywalkies to the train station, a ride in the normal civilised manner between seats to Reading, more soggy workywalkies around all the shoppyplaces ending in a wonderful kanoodling session!

We went into some shop called EmanEss where a nice manhuman took us up in the magic box (the one that changes outside when the doors shut and open again), then into a big room where we met two of my colleagues. Three black beauties together for the afternoon! We have never met before but we are family! We are Guide Dogs and we know it! There was Casper the hugenormous GSDxGoldie and Olivia the girlie black lab. We had a fantabulous time of kanoodling and mutual ear chewing. Oh....and we did some good work too - making ourselves available for admiration from the EmandEss workyhumans who came to visit!

Then came time to guide Mum back again. We wandered a bit more aroudn the shoppyplaces first and Mum got a new pair of pawcovers, before we headed off to the station.

When we got ont he train, it was really crammed with humans. The only space for me was under a sort of benchthing. So that was where I had to ride! Mum says it was the baggage rack! At least it kept me from getting trampled on. Actually, it was quite nice under there - I had room to stretch out on the carpet! Perhaps being baggage is kind of OK!

Photo of me lying down under the baggage rack on the train.

Photos of today's meet n greet at EmanEss Reading.  

Me bowled over by Olivia. (Me lying on my back displaying my best bits to Olivia black labrador).

Kasper the huge black GSD x Goldie, Me and Olivia - all three with heads together discussing our strategies.

Kasper lying to the left all calm and serene while Olivia and I get on with the serious business of kanoodling as best we could when we were supposed to be on our best behaviour representing The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association (UK).

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