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Thursday, 11 May 2017

Poked and Prodded!

SIX AND A QUARTER MILES! That's how far I've workywalkiesded Mummy today. It has been hot too and she has the audacity to call me Ploddypaws! Huffffffff!

Actually, the slow-down-protest was because we were heading back instead of going further on more adventures. Going back is boring! More adventures is much more exciting.

This morning's workywalkies was to the vet! Apparently I needed my regular 6-monthly check up. Mr Vetman poked and prodded all my delicate places, then terrified me with his shiny ear-tube thing, but I survived having that pressed against my chest. I rolled over on my back. It was much less scary that way up! Then he got a shiny biter and bit a chunk off one of my claws! He stole a bit of me! Hoooooowwwwwllllll! 

He did say I was all good though. My numbers are good at 29kg and all my pokey and proddy bits are apparently in good order.

I think I should have got some kind of edible apology for all that shenanegins. All I got was a pat on the head from Mr Vetman! I want to go back to the vet I saw last time - she had yummies! I do remember she stuck her pawpointers where I didn't want them, but she had yummies! That makes the rest OK. Maybe next time......

This evening, I took Mum and Dad out of the floatyboatyhomekennel, over the bridge and back along the towpath. There, we met some humanfriends on their floatyboatyhomes, and, more importantly, my pooch pal, Bess! I got to go snooze on her floatyboatyhome for a while too! Yayhayy!

Photo of me lying on my back while Mr Vetman does his poking and prodding stuff.

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