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Monday, 1 May 2017

Mega Zoomies!

We have moved to the bestestest mooring in Newbury. Our garden is the huuuuuuge Northcroft Park - complete with megamassive field for loonyzoomies AND swimmy river! I am in paradise!

It was only a short floatyboatycruise with just one lock and one bridge to work, but oooooooohhhh! This is such a fabbydabby destination!

As soon as Daddy finished making the big rumbler under the back deck move us into place, Mum told me 'OK. Off you go then'. Well...... I was most certainly not going to delay for a millisecond! I think I zoomied so fast my back legs overtook my front ones! It certainly made Mum laugh! Heehee! I did come back to help with the mooring up. Well...... we have new long leads for the floatyboatyhome.....I had to check they work OK. They fit my teeth just nicely - great for a game of tug with Mummy! She did complain at one point that I was pulling the wrong way; apparently the boat needed to go backwards a bit and I was tugging forwards! Well....that just meant an extra good game of tug to rectify the mistake!

Work done, it was time for the very serious business of loonying! I had a fab game of fetch with Mum, using the toy that my PuppyMummy Sue gave me. It is a great toy, both for on the grass and, more importantly, in the river. It floats! So I got to extend the game of fetch into a game of swimmyfetch too!

5 photos:
Three of me playing on the huge field with my orange and blue 3-legged star toy.
Two of me swimming to fetch it back from the river.


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