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Saturday, 29 April 2017

Silly Mummy...

Silly Mummy! She was doing some choppy stuff in the kitchen. She had done the carrots and dutifully given me the strips and knobby ends to dispose of. Then she got some things that look like fat white carrots. She did the same thing to them to make strips from the outside. I didn't like those strips though so they went in the bin. Then she got a kind of box thing with shiny sides. Those shiny sides had different patterns on them. I was watching her very carefully. She started scraping one of the white carrot-things down one of the sides. It was making the white carrot get shorter and a pile of little slivers of it were appearing underneath. Then, all of a sudden, she stopped the scraping thing and said 'Chip. Chip. Chip'. Well....I think that was what it sounded like anyway..... I searched the floor but couldn't find any evidence of those yummy yellowish sticks. I did find blobs of red stuff though......

Mum now has a funny sticky thing that smells strange wrapped around her pawpointer. She seems to have made several of them go all red before she has settled on this last one staying that kind of pinky-sandy colour.

Silly silly Mummy! She is just so daft sometimes!

Today's workywalkies was a mixed bag - into town - 'Find the bank' - no problem! A triumphant bum-bounce when we got inside. I needed confirmation of my cleverness! That made several human mouths turn up at the corners! I like it when that happens! It makes my tail go all waggly! It got me a couple of yummies too! Heehee! Then we went off on a longish route just for the pleasure of going walkies (just Mum and me - Dad had gone off earlier). We went via Northcroft Park and that meant I got a short but wonderful freerun. Mum was a meanie though; she recalled me and got me back into work mode and harness before I got as far as the river! Huff! Then we walked back along the towpath, around town again and into Tesco's.
During this, the sky started leaking. Mum said I was a right sulkysocks for slowing down and plodding just because of a drop of water. Well, I didn't want water dripping on me - I wanted to go swim in it! She just doesn't understand!

When we got back to floatyboatyhome I got a lovely couple of hours lying out on the grass doing some serious work on a brand new, huge juicy bone! Yummmmmmmy!

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