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Monday, 10 April 2017

Not a Bad Day!

Not sure if I've been swizzed......Mum's talkybone tells her we did nearly 5 miles workywalkies today - but most of that was a constant stream of 'find left' 'go right' 'about turn' 'straight on' 'stop' 'wait'......aaaallll the way around Sainsbury's!

Ok....the walkies there was good - I can't complain about that. It did include some yummy rewards for finding the button at the crossings. Ooh! And a big 'Clever boy' fuss and a yummy for when we reached the gate to get out of the floatyboatykennelplace. Mum asked me to 'find the button'. Not only did I find it, but I hup-touched it for her too and the gate opened for us! Heehee!

So....yes....workywalkies around the streets to get to Sainsbury's was good. All that to-ing and fro-ing and back again-ing inside there though......hmmmm....not sure......let me think......

I have to guide not only Mum but also the wheeliecage that she puts all the yummies into. I walk beside it, we walk slowly, Mum tells me which direction she wants to go and I allow for the extra width and steer us round. That's all a good challenge.

I get to sneak in an occasional sniff to investigate the yummies on offer - I especially like to inspect the big blobs of meat in the cold cupboards. So many of them are at just the perfect height for me. I'm sure I'm supposed to help Mum select them all......but...Nope! All the thanks I get is a firm 'Oi! Get your shnozzle away!' Humph!
I often manage to woo a few passing shoppers into making a fuss of me. I think I'm getting good at the 'please pity me' sad look. It works! Especially whilst Mum is occupied staring at the shelves to try to find the items she wants. That gives me ideal opportunities to practice the look on any passing sympathiser!

I occasionally get to hoover a morsel or two off the floor. I failed on that one today.

I occasionally manage to persuade Mum to let me guide her to the best aisle - the doggy yummies dept. I failed on that one today.
I usually manage to guide Mum to the carrots. I succeeded on that one today.

Occasionally, when I take Mum to the carrots, I manage to select one for myself. This is very rare though - this blimmin noseband prevents success most times. Today, I failed on this but Mum did get a nice big juicy specimen.

I usually get to greet the checkout bleepy person. Today, the checkout bleepyman not only wanted a greeting - but he left his bleeper and came round for right full on proper fuss session! Yayyy!

After the bleeping checkout session, I got that big juicy carrot! Yummmmmmyyyy!

On balance, perhaps it wasn't such a bad workywalkies after all!

This evening, Mum has been doing something very worrying: She got a little bottle thing and plopped some of it's contents into her eyes! Then her eyes were doing big leakies. I got all worried. I watched her very carefully. Why on earth would she want to make her own eyes leak? She made a fuss of me and told me its all OK. She just has sore eyes and is trying to make them unsore. I'm not letting her out of my sight though - I want to be sure she is truly OK. I even kept her under scrutiny when she went into the spending room.

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