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Saturday, 1 April 2017

Phew! What a Day...

Padworth Meadow - a good start to the day - even if I didn't get away with nipping into the canal for a swim on the way there - Mum was far too vigilant and quick to yap out "Oaks, stay out of the water" Huff!

Loooong car ride.

Workywalkies on brand new route - that was a good and exciting challenge: A very narrow pavement with loads of wheeliebins to navigate Mum around.

Into a big building and through a maze of doors and corridors.
Meetings and greetings with loads of long-missed humanfriends.
Human yacketying that went on forever......I'm very glad there was a nice carpet to snooze on!

A brief visit to a tree outside, then back in to watch all those humans munch their lunch. They were all far too careful and clean for my liking - there were so few crumbs to hoover!

More go-on-forever yacketying - therefore more snoozing.

Dad then went up the front and started twanging the long whiskers on his noiseboxstick. He did some howling into a lollipop too - and all the other humans joined in the howling stuff. I curled up into the tightest ball I could achieve!

That seemed to be the end of it all, so, after yet more yacketying, we got back into the car. Harrumph! I thought. That was a bit of a naff day out! I was wrong though......A brief drive took us to a hugenormous park! Yippeeeeee!

Zoomies. Ball launcher. Trees. A couple of doggypals to play a brief game of chase with. More zoomies. More ball launcher - that was enough though - I kept hold of the ball after a few sprints to fetch it back. That way, Mum can't lob it away again! I am not built for such high speed running. I am a stamina boy!

Next, we went to a familiar home: Peter and Fran's flat. We've been there before. I whizzed straight upstairs..... but apparently that was a mistake! I had to come straight back down again and into the downstairs bit. In there, I got my dinner. Yayy!

There then followed yet MORE blimmin yacketying - this time a smaller group of humans - but still ooooooodles of yipping between them!

Part way through, two of them appeared that had been missing for a while. They had some seriously yummy-smelling boxes! So the yacketyers then not only yacketied, but munched as well! I stayed under the table - in the tiny hope that someone might drop something worth hoovering. They all failed!

After a little while of staying under the table, I sauntered off into the kitchen. Mum followed and filled up my bowl with water so I could have a drink. While I was enjoying a good slurp, she went back into the yackety room. I then discovered a tall box thing with a lifty up lid. Inside were lots of those squishy white boxes that the yummies had come in. I decided to be very helpful and do the washing up. I managed to get three of those boxes clean before Mum came back and interfered! It seems my kind efforts were not appreciated! The nicely cleaned boxes were thrust straight back in with the dirty ones and the lid firmly pushed down. Then, once I was ushered out of the kitchen, she shut the door so I couldn't get back in to finish my chores! How mean is that? I was doing a very good and helpful job!

Eventually, the yacketying came to an end and I got to have a brief wander around outside to find a suitable download site. Then it was back into the car for the journey home. That went on for ages - all through twisty windy little roads. Apparently, the big whizzyroad was closed. Eventually, we got back to our floatyboatyhome and I got to take Dad for a very welcome unwindy walkies.

Now, sofasnuggles with Mum will round it all off nicely - so, if you will excuse me, I will borrow her lap for a pillow and will leave you with a photo of Dad's howling and twanging.

Photo of Dad standing at a microphone, singing and playing a 12 string guitar. 
Photo of me guiding Mum round Banbury.

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